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class reunion


Reunions are some of the best gatherings. Whether it's for a high school or college graduating class or a family, it's a great time to catch up and spend some time with people you probably haven't seen for quite some time. Each one is a special gathering of people, full of old stories, great conversations, and wonderful memories.

What makes Saginaw Center Banquet Hall one of the best Fresno event venues is the diversity of events we can host. Not only can you celebrate a wedding or party here at our banquet hall, you can have any of your class or family reunions here as well. It's a great place to do it!

For one thing, we're in a great location: right in the center of Fresno. If your class or family is mostly located here in town, or spread out amongst the Central Valley, we're in a great central location that makes it easy and convenient for everyone to reach. Located just a few minutes off Highway 41, we're in a prime location that is easy to reach for everyone. You won't find a better placed event venue! We're not located off in the country or 10-20 minutes off the nearest freeway like some places. We're easy to get to.

Also, we have a great atmosphere that is relaxed and low-key, perfect for focusing on getting to spend time and catch up with old friends or loved ones. Our neighborhood is quiet, and the banquet hall allows you to provide enough activities to keep everyone entertained- from the food, to photo booths and live music if desired. There's plenty that can be provided to make sure the atmosphere of the event is equal parts entertaining and engaging. Everyone in attendance will want to focus on the people, food, and activities without any outside distraction.

We stand out amongst Fresno event venues, because one of the best things we allow for any event is flexibility and customization- it's practically our motto. We want to make sure you and your guests enjoy your event, so whatever we can do to make sure it's enjoyable for everyone in attendance we will make sure to do!

You'll have access to our banquet hall the day before you event so your decorators, caterers, and any other vendors can set everything up in preparation.

We have a great area for entrance and greeting- another thing we pride ourselves on!

We also have a full support staff to help make sure your event goes well. The Saginaw Center staff has over 40 years of experience in planning and putting on events, so you know you're in good hands here!

Come see what makes us stand out as an event venue in Fresno, and book your event with us today!

Have your next family or class reunion with Saginaw Center Banquet Hall! 

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