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Few events are as joyful as weddings are. Weddings are a special time to celebrate, and they're full of laughter and fun for all. What makes weddings turn out so well is all the details that are decided in the planning process. The flowers, music, and food all have to be provided by someone, and a lot of time and thought goes in to making sure the right vendors are picked.

By far one of the most important decisions for any wedding is the venue. You want a place that not only fits everyone, but is committed to making your special day...special! That's why Saginaw Center is a fantastic choice for a wedding venue in Fresno. Here you'll find everything you need to help your wedding go exactly as you planned it.

What makes us such a great choice as a wedding venue?

For one thing, we make sure you're able to customize your wedding in whichever way you need to, that way it fits your dreams and your budget. Our goal with any event is to provide a great experience, so that you walk away with a smile and wonderful memories.

That starts in the planning process. With all those vendors to choose, it's important to find a venue that allows for flexibility. Some wedding venues in Fresno want you to use the vendors they provide, but we allow you to use your own! If you wanted your cake, flowers, or music done by someone specific then you can use them! Otherwise, if you haven't decided yet and need some help, we have plenty of vendors we recommend for just about everything.

You'll find with Saginaw Center that you can customize the hall in any way you want to. There's a lot of possibilities, and we'll help it all become a reality.

To make the day go smoothly, we have an excellent service team that will assist with set up, take down, and making sure the event runs according to plan.

You'll be able to access the hall the day before so that you and your vendors can set up.

The caterer can set up in our full commercial kitchen so they can get ready to prepare the food.

Full AV hookup for your band or DJ

Your decorator can transform the banquet hall with their set up

The tables can be set up ahead of time- we have 60 round and rectangular tables plus linens if you need them!

We think you'll have a great time when you host your wedding at our banquet hall! When your guests enter the building, they'll come into a large entry way where there is a large, shining, golden chandelier with a greeting table right beneath.

We have a large stage and a dance floor- perfect for your live music or DJ and for the guests to have lots of fun during the reception.

When it comes to your special day, Saginaw Center is one of the most affordable indoor wedding venues in Fresno. Our pricing and service is highly competitive. When you host your wedding here, you know

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See why we're one of the best wedding venues in Fresno. Call today to book your wedding!


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