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Welcome to the Saginaw Center Banquet Hall, the best among banquet halls in Fresno, CA!

We started back in 1972 when the retired teachers of Fresno County decided to build an apartment complex and a social hall for the retired teachers to live in and use. The apartments were eventually rented out to the public, and the social hall took its place as one of the banquet halls in Fresno where people could host events of all kinds.

The banquet hall is still run by the Retired Teachers Association of Fresno County, and our desire to provide great events is rooted in our heart for providing value to our community in as many ways as possible.

We offer over 40 years of experience in event planning and can offer additional services with various options open to our clients.

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At Saginaw Center, we believe every event is special. Whether you're celebrating a marriage, a birthday, a retirement, or a gathering of family, you're around family and friends, it's a time to come together and be around people you love. Each one has its own emotion and character. That's why you can't just go anywhere. You deserve an event venue that understands and captures that spirit of your event!

When it comes to Fresno's event venues, look no further than Saginaw Center, because we'll take the greatest care in ensuring your event is exactly the way you need it.

Our mission as a banquet hall in the Fresno community is to provide a venue that can host great events that can be customized to suit your needs. We believe that events really are special, so your venue's model for hosting it is important. Since your event is unlike any other, the set up and work that goes into it shouldn't be "one size fits all".

At Saginaw Center, we don't provide a cookie cutter model for putting on an event of any kind. Our banquet hall boasts a great hybrid model for event hosting that is sure to meet your every need. That means we offer a blend of DIY/curated options so that your event's set up can be highly customized to your liking.

For your event, we are dedicated to allowing the most customization possible. We know how important your special occasion is, whether it’s your Anniversary, Corporate Event or Holiday Party. Saginaw Center Banquet Hall is committed to excellence! Do it your way!

What type of events can you host at saginaw center?

We're a full banquet hall, so we can host a wide variety of events:

Wedding/Wedding Reception: you can celebrate your special day with us! Our venue is a perfect place for your ceremony and/or reception. It’s a great space to celebrate with all your friends, family, and loved ones. The best feature you can find in a venue is flexibility, but not all the wedding venues in Fresno are as flexible as you may want them to be.

At Saginaw Center, we put ourselves a step above the competition by giving you the opportunity to customize your ceremony or reception according to your desires. You can bring in decorators or use one of ours, plus enjoy all the amenities above! The flexible amenities in our facility makes us one of the best wedding venues in Fresno.

Parties: These are always great events, so much joy and celebration. It can easily be derailed though if the party venue or banquet hall isn’t up to par in their ability to throw truly great events. There’s a lot that goes into ensuring events go smoothly, and we’re the best at it all. You’ll get great planning assistance, excellent service, and lots of options all the way through. We have ample space as well for birthdays of all kinds, including quinceaneras, bar mitzvahs, and more! Any kind of celebration you might be having can be had here at Saginaw Center. We’re one of the top party venues in the Fresno area!

Reunions: Class reunions, family reunions, clubs, or any kind of reunion you may have! There's plenty of space for your group here. We want to make sure you have a great time catching up and spending time with all the special people in your life. That’s why we work to make sure all our reunions are stress-free and enjoyable for our guests. If you’re hosting a reunion, make sure you give us a call!

Celebration of Life: If you have a memorial, wake, or celebration of life you are putting together, we are flexible in set up to accommodate your wishes. We understand these are sensitive times, so the last thing you need is challenges with the venue. You can be sure you’ll have an easy experience that’s free of worry or hassle.

Corporate Events: Host your next conference, convention, or meeting in the Saginaw Center Banquet Hall. We have a great conference room that’s perfect for smaller meetings and trainings, and our banquet room is a great spot for conventions and conferences.

Regardless of how much space you need, we can accommodate it. All our facility amenities are available for you as well plus AV hookup. If there are any others you need just let us know!

Not only can you find everything you need for a great event here at Saginaw Center Conference Room, you'll also find it at a highly affordable price.

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Fact is, we’re the perfect place for any event. Not only can you find everything you need for a great event here at Saginaw Center Banquet Hall, you'll also find it at a highly affordable price. You can view our pricing options below.

By far the best feature about our venue that truly separates us from the pack is our flexibility. Lots of venues make you use their vendors. Some don’t give you as many options for decorating, or give your vendors a full set up to work with. These things can always be worked around, but why work around it when you can find a venue that allows for creativity and is always prepared?

That’s what we provide here, and it’s what sets us apart amongst the banquet halls in the Fresno area.

You can think of our event venue like a blank canvas. It can be decorated to your liking!

Your caterer (or ours) can use our fully equipped industrial kitchen to prepare the food!

You can also bring in photographers, photo booths, your own linen rental. Your options are truly endless.

As one of the premier banquet halls in Fresno, we pride ourselves in offering a blend of professional assistance and allowing you to customize your event yourself. Your event should reflect your desires for it!

Our facilities are highly flexible, and top notch. You'll have an entry way with a grand, golden chandelier and a sign in table to greet your guests as they come in. A wonderful entrance to start your event!

You'll have access to a large stage where your band, DJ, choir, or any other type of performers can set up.

We have large, 60 inch round tables (rectangle tables are available also), to seat your guests. Fully arrangeable however you like!

There are dressing rooms if needed, coffee makers, trash cans, and everything else you need to complete your event set up. All provided and hosted by us!

All the amenities your event needs to run smoothly are provided. That’s why we know you’ll have a great experience here. We go the extra mile, and it shows.

If you’re looking for a great place to host your next event that offers competitive pricing, fantastic features, and the best overall options, then look no further. You’ve come to the right place!

Is your event different than the ones we’ve listed above? Call us and let us know what type of event you’re hosting. We’d love to hear what you have in mind and see how we can help make it happen!

Book a visit to our venue to come check it out, or talk to one of our staff to find out more. We’re happy to talk with you and help plan whatever you have in mind.

Saginaw Center Banquet Hall is by far the best, most cost effective place in Fresno to host your events.

Call today or submit your information to book a visit to our facility or get more information on how we can accommodate your event!


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